Creating software is a complex paradigm. With the advent of Mobile and SaaS platforms, it further adds to the complexity. Our consultants can help you make these complex decisions. We provide you with a custom approach that works for your team and project.

Buy Vs Build

Often software companies will push you into a software development situation without exploring all viable options. Our software consultants get to know your business model before making any final decisions about building new software. If there is software on the market that will meet your requirements, why would we build new software? We will encourage you to buy the existing software, provided that it is of good quality of course. If there is no existing software solution, our consultants will recommend building new software from scratch. In this situation, an IncredibleHires consultant will walk you through the process of sending out RFPs to the software companies of your choosing.

Mobile Consulting

Mobile technology is changing the way we do business every minute of every day. At this point, it is not a question of if, but a question of when businesses move to the iPad and other tablets. If you are interested in integrating the iPad or Android tablets into your business, let us take a look at your situation. Not only can we put a project plan together for you, but we can implement the plan ourselves. Mobile technology is a must have for Point of Sale and retail businesses, healthcare, insurance, and financial companies that have employees in the field, and any business that deals with general customer management on a day-to-day basis. If you’re ready for mobile technology, we have solutions and people for you. contact us.

SaaS Consulting

Buying software as a service (SaaS) helps companies compete by democratizing, decentralizing, and speeding application deployment. SaaS allows local business units to quickly identify and deploy the applications they need to meet their ever-changing business requirements. However, the unrestricted freedom to deploy and customize SaaS applications can lead to inconsistent processes and data that can harm the business and result in the same high maintenance costs that plague in-house applications. In our work with SaaS providers and customers, we have identified the key controls required to properly balance flexibility and adaptability with corporate needs for consistency and control. Our expertise combines advanced administrative support for your IT installations with the ability to manage significant customization and development projects. SaaS experts also provides immediate and hands-on support to all of your employees and users for any and all issues that may arise.

Quality Consulting

Today several software development companies are adapting to the Agile model. Often the transition for the quality teams to an agile model is a huge challenge. Our QA experts have helped several small and mid-size SaaS, Mobile software teams streamline their quality processes and adapt to the Agile SDLC. Our services encompass all aspects of testing, including requirements capture and analysis, test planning, test case design, execution, test automation and reporting. IncredibleHires also provides a SaaS-based automation platform that can help you automate on demand and improve your product quality quickly. contact us.