The complexity of staying on budget, on task and on time requires experience, discipline and foresight.Our recruiting experts know how to find a perfect fit to help guide, lead, support, or augment your mission-critical program and project initiatives.

Why Us

We can help you find the right full-time employees to build your project team.At the same time if you want to work with our handpicked project management consultants we can build your team on a contract basis.

We do all our sourcing through Nectir.com which is one of industries premium staffing companies.With a huge team of 100+ recruiters and sourcersNectir can find the exact resources you need extremely fast.

Recruiting Strategy

One-Stop Service: We offer you three staffing options – direct hire, contract, and contract to hire Project Management resources. Staffing options include unconditional 30-day, 100% cash refund guarantee.

Pre-Qualified Applicants: References are checked on all of our applicants including work history, education and certifications; additional background screening and skill testing services are available.

Personally Interviewed Candidates: Each candidate is personally interviewed in our office by our experienced staff of recruiters.We know our candidate’s complete employment/educational background and what career path they are pursuing. We don’t waste your time we only send you qualified candidates who are interested in working for your company.

Hybrid Staffing We can provide you resources onsite or remotely.Based on the staffing requirements and the budget you have we can staff your organization from our teams based in US or India.

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